• Totally Flexible - Napkin (20152)
    • Totally Flexible - Napkin (20152) SKU: 20152

      The "As Long As Everything Is Exactly The Way I Want It I Am Totally Flexible." cocktail napkin is a top choice for parties and luncheons! The bright blue and white goes well with just about any decor theme. Both women and men love this witty saying. Mary Phillips cocktail napkins toss out...

      $ 5.00
    • Lord, Give Me Coffee - Napkin (20150)
    • Lord, Give Me Coffee - Napkin (20150) SKU: 20150

      The "Lord, Give Me Coffee To Change The Things I Can Change And Wine To Accept The Things I Can't." cocktail napkin is a must-have hostess gift for any wine or coffee lover! This fuchsia and white cocktail napkin is such a fun addition to any party or luncheon! Mary...

      $ 5.00