• Not Arguing Framed Art (10159)
    • Not Arguing Framed Art (10159) SKU: 10159

      I love the "I'm Not Arguing I'm Just Explaining Why I'm Right." 8 x 10 painting! You could not hae a better painting as office decor; definitely add this piece to your co-worker gift list.  Of course every strong woman needs this in their home as well.  You just can't...

      $ 25.00
    • No Obligation Framed Art (10158)
    • No Obligation Framed Art (10158) SKU: 10158

      The "I Am Under No Obligation To Make Sense To You." 8 x 10 painting is dear to my heart.  Perfect for birthdays, home or office decor,and just all kinds of gift giving.  The painting says it all. I love giving a custom gift that fits my friends' personalities. There is probably...

      $ 25.00
    • Shoes Framed Art (10050)
    • Shoes Framed Art (10050) SKU: 10050

      The "Shoes are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." 8 x 10 painting is such a fun birthday, girlfriend, or hostess gift to give to every fashion-forward, shoe-loving lady!! If you have a friend that has more shoes than closet space; this is for her---or...

      $ 25.00
    • Never Wrong Framed Art (10012)
    • Never Wrong Framed Art (10012) SKU: 10012

      I love giving the "I Have Many Faults But Being Wrong Isn't One Of Them." 8 x 10 painting as a birthday, bridesmaid, or co-worker gift!! I get the best reaction when my friends open this to the point custom painting up. I think this piece is also great for...

      $ 25.00
    • Lake Time Napkin (20157)
    • Lake Time Napkin (20157) SKU: 20157

      The "I'm On Lake Time cocktail napkin is the perfect party accessory for fun days and nights at the lake house! Pair with a bottle of wine and this napkin will be the prized hostess gift or cookout essential! Lake living, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, summer days and nights,...

      $ 5.00
    • Sun, Sand & Drink in my Hand Can Cooler (23050)
    • Sun, Sand & Drink in my Hand Can Cooler (23050) SKU: 23050

      I love giving the "The SUN and the SAND and a DRINK IN MY HAND" can cooler as a hostess gift when visit a friend's beach house! You can add this Carolina blue and white can cooler in a basket of goodies for the weekend. This cool, sunny can cooler is also a...

      $ 5.00
    • The Trouble With Trouble- Greeting Card (18111)
    • The Trouble With Trouble- Greeting Card (18111) SKU: 18111

      The Trouble With Trouble Is That It Starts Out As Fun.  Inside:  Blank  4 1/4" x 5 1/2" greeting card loaded with wit and humor.  Perfect for multiple occasions.  Each card and envelope comes in a clear sleeve for protection. 

      $ 4.25