• 4:00 When 5:00 Won't Do Can Cooler (23041)
    • 4:00 When 5:00 Won't Do Can Cooler (23041) SKU: 23041

      I love giving the "4:00 when 5:00 won't do" can cooler as a hostess gift when visiting a friend's beach house! You can add the bright yellow and blue can cooler in a basket of goodies for the weekend. This sunny can cooler is also a staple for any pool...

      $ 5.00
    • Always 5:00 Can Cooler (23002)
    • Always 5:00 Can Cooler (23002) SKU: 23002

      I absolutely love this lime green and pink "It's Always 5:00 At The Beach" can cooler for days by the ocean! What a great hostess gift to bring along for the weekend too; your can cooler will be the host's favorite new sunny day on the beach accessory!! Let the...

      $ 5.00
    • Deal With It Napkin (20015)
    • Deal With It Napkin (20015) SKU: 20015

      The "Put Your Big Girl Panties On And Deal With It." cocktail napkin is a fun cocktail accessory for your next girls night, lady's luncheon, Red Hat Ladies gathering, book club, or party! Classic pink and purple pattern make this napkin such a classic look to go with your party...

      $ 5.00
    • Drink Champagne & Dance Napkin (20147)
    • Drink Champagne & Dance Napkin (20147) SKU: 20147

      "It's Time To Drink Champagne And Dance On The Table" is our most popular cocktail napkin! Perfect for all celebrations! This classic white and gold cocktail napkin is ideal for Birthdays, Wedding Weekends, Bachelorette Weekends, Engagement Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Receptions, Graduations, and New Year's Eve! Mary Phillips cocktail napkins toss...

      $ 5.00
    • Groom Can Cooler (23018)
    • Groom Can Cooler (23018) SKU: 23018

      I love giving the classic black and white "Groom" can cooler along with our "Bride" can cooler when a friend announces her engagement! What a great gift that the bride and groom may use at an engagement party or throughout the wedding weekend festivities! Your can cooler will be one...

      $ 5.00
    • High Heels, Low Morals Purse Pad (21007)
    • High Heels, Low Morals Purse Pad (21007) SKU: 21007

      The "I Have High Heels And Low Morals." Purse Pad is perfect for all your lists on the go! I cannot get through a day without mine. I love keeping my daily errands, grocery lists, Target list, work out class times, and any notes from luncheons in this notepad; it...

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